Why Start Karate? 4

Training karate will improve your child's confidence, discipline and fitness. We recently came across this inspirational video that outlines these benefits and much more. If you are unsure if karate is the right sport for your child please check out the video below.

All credit goes to Hoshin Jujitsu for creating this amazing video.

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4 thoughts on “Why Start Karate?

  • biena

    Hi I want to put my 2 kids in karate to start next year they will be 7 & 3. Can u tell me fees and age they can start.


  • Shindo Admin Post author

    Good morning,

    Shindo karate offers little ninjas for children aged 4 – 6 and the junior beginners class for older children.

    Could I please refer you to our Locations page To contact the instructor closest to you as they would be more than happy to answer your questions in more detail concerning fees, suitable classes and any concerns you may have.

    Thank you
    Shindo karate

  • Shindo Admin Post author

    hi at this present time we only offer the Senior’s class consisting of both male and female adults. this class is available at most of our dojo locations and I advise you to use the locations page for information on your closest dojo