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The Victorian Karate League (VKL) has been established to create a more competitive area for the development of both novice and elite Karate athletes.  The VKL will create a regional competition aimed at encouraging participation and developing sporting attitude with an increasing awareness of sport karate.  The VKL will allow greater competition for elite athletes as well as providing new Karate athletes with competition within their relevant level of expertise.  It will provide a clearly structured pathway from local tournaments to state level competition.

The VKL will consist of 4 tournaments staged throughout the year.  Athlete's results will be recorded on the VKL Result Ladder in both elite and development divisions.  Results will be updated after each tournament and promoted to the Karate community via the Karate Victoria website.  The top 2 athletes that record the most points in each elite division during the 4 VKL events will then have the opportunity to compete at the Gala finals night for prize money.  The top two athletes in the development divisions will be awarded at the last tournament of the season.

Dates of the tournaments:


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VKL Divisions

Sensei Wayne and Sempai Annie have put in an incredible amount of work for the VKL.  All of us at Shindo Karate will be heavily supporting the events.  Please let your instructors know if you're interested.


Sempai Lance DOUGLAS

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