Shindo Wins 11 Gold Medals at Nationals!

The 2013 Australian Karate Federation Nationals were held in Tasmania 9-11 August. Shindo once again had a great tournament as a team and went home with 11 gold medals!  Shindo's Sensei Wayne Noble is the Victorian and Australian team coach and his recap can be found below.

Results from Nationals

11 Gold
6 Silver
8 Bronze

1. Ben DeBortoli - 2 Gold

2. Chloe Sneddon - 2 Gold

3. Demi Bonfiglio - 1 Gold, 1 Silver

4. Joel Hennessy - 1 Gold 1 Silver

5. Max Noble - 1 Gold, 1 Bronze

6. Ella Eads - 1 Gold 1 Bronze

7. Renee Patterson - 1 Gold

8. Caitlin Noble - 1 Gold

9. Aleisha Sneddon - 1 Gold

10. Emily Kro - 1 Silver

11. Eliza Wales - 1 Silver

12. Tanai Newman Coverdale - 1 Silver

13. Ryan Cran - 1 Silver

14. Harry Webb - 2 Bronze

15. Cooper Parsons Jones - 1 Bronze

16. Amy Bongetti - 1 Bronze

17. Craig Stuart - 1 Bronze

18. Zahli DeBortoli - 1 Bronze

In reflecting on these results it is easy to get blasé and for some results to get lost in the crowd. Each in itself is an outstanding performance when you consider that half of all competitors lose in the first round and are generally eliminated (notwithstanding those 2 who are beaten by the winners and get repechage) Shindo had 28 competitors and of these only 6 failed to win their first round match. Shindo also beat 3 states (WA, SA and Tas) on the medal tally.

More exciting news Jacob Attard and Teak Grogan have been selected in the Australian team for the Commonwealth Championships in Canada. Congrats to both boys. You have worked very hard and deserve this honour. We are all very proud of you. Lastly Caitie Noble was once again selected in the Australian Team for the Junior World Championships in Spain making it her 3rd Jnr Worlds in a row.


Sensei Wayne Noble

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